Addons & Wraps

Heated bamboo is rolled over tight muscles to help release tension and knots. If you like deep, intense pressure you will love this. This is typically used on the back and shoulders but can also be used on legs and other larger areas of the body.

Back Scrub, Foot Scrub, or Hand Scrub $10 each

The deep sea mud is infused with the soothing essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and rose.  Calming the body and the mind.

  • $90│Wrap Only
  • $120 | Wrap + extended massage

Smooth and tighten the skin while detoxifying the body.  This 60 minute treatment is packed full of body nourishing vitamins and minerals.

  • $90 │ 60 min | Wrap Only
  • $120 | Wrap + extended massage

Invigorating full body scrub, using shea butter and sea salt to gently buff away all dry skin.  Butter cream massage application leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Available in lavender, peppermint and seasonal scents.

  • $75 + │ 60 min