About Us

Picture of Lisa Craft

Lisa Craft

Using my hands as well as my heart, I help my clients relax and bring them back to a world where life is a little more manageable.
If you’re looking for a break from this crazy little thing called life and would like to begin appreciating the little things again instead of being chronically frazzled, I can help. You’ll find me to be friendly, respectful and professional.

    I received my training through Blue Ridge Community College’s Massage Therapy Program. There I put in over 650 classroom hours where I studied anatomy, physiology, pathology and much more.  I received my license in 2015.  I have training in many modalities such as deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, hot and cold stone therapies, and ashiatsu (bare foot bar massage).    

 My massage therapy training allows me to offer you everything from the best relaxation massage to the treatment of chronic muscular pain. Every session is personalized to meet my clients unique needs.

   I live in Staunton, VA with my husband Matt, 4 dogs and 2 cats.  I am a mother of 4 amazing children and grandmother of 9 grandchildren!  When not at work or spending time with family I love to knit and listen to audio books and podcasts.

Picture of Emily Weatherly

Emily Weatherly

I am so excited to introduce myself, My name is Emily Weatherly. I am beyond passionate about massage therapy and I am thrilled to begin my journey right here at Relax Therapeutic Massage in the beautiful town of Staunton, Virginia. My goal is to always provide a safe and sacred place for my clients to relax and to release pain. My clients’ needs for a session are always my absolute top priority. I will always honor that it is YOUR session and I will do everything I can to help you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is an important part of my practice that everyone feels accepted and that their needs and boundaries are always honored and respected. It will bring me so much joy to have the opportunity to connect with you all and to be able to share the beautiful gift of massage therapy. Being a part of Relax Therapeutic Massage brings me so much gratitude and abundance. Thank you everyone, I can not wait to meet with you! 


I graduated from Cedar Stone School of Massage in August of 2023. Cedar Stone ignited my beloved passion for this work and I am so thankful for that. I am educated in anatomy, pathology, and muscle actions. I am able to offer a variety of modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Joint mobilization, Myofascial release, Prenatal, Energy Work, and Hot Stone massage. My clients’ needs are most important so if deciding on a certain modality is overwhelming, I understand. I love creating a massage that is perfect for each of my clients and that can include using multiple modalities. Before every session I do a verbal intake to see exactly what you are looking for that day and communicate throughout the massage to make sure all needs are met.